V-Perfect  is the first and unique technology in the world that , completely removing from the corner the welding seam , enables manufacturing aesthetically perfect PVC windows.

A new standard that allows to reach all PVC potentialities and open the way to unlimited applications.

Thanks to a patented technology that makes a profiles junction perfectly aligned, removing all previous defectiveness , PVC window quality of corners finishing is as good as wooden or aluminum windows. An amazing result up to now unattainable with any other welding method and which inaugurates the technology of PVC windows to unlimited creative and architectural possibilities.




Any other technology for PVC windows welding process generates inevitably a welding restriction that, even after corner cleaning and painted (with the costs and the derived defects) penalises the aesthetics and limits the PVC potentialities.


WITH V-Perfect

Only the window manufactured with V-Perfect can be perfect from every point of view. 100% of aesthetic result. An important added value for the producer and for the final customer, ensured only by the presence of V-perfect mark.