GRAF Synergy, visitor record at Fensterbau 2024: THANK YOU!


For  GRAF Synergy a record-breaking edition of Fensterbau Frontale has just ended!

2024 marked first of all a record in terms of attendance, with our stand constantly packed with visitors, enthusiasts, customers; then a record in terms of technology, with several absolute premieres, such as the FAB CUT 3B RS CNC controlled multi-axis cutting and machining centre with unprecedented speed and productivity levels; or the STEEL CONNECT, the revolutionary blade cutting centre for steel reinforcements that drastically reduces the scrap of metal parts; or the innovative PriXel 3D printer, which enables three-dimensional PVC prints, opening up new, unexplored aesthetic languages, made not only of colour but also of relief shapes; another record is that of the 1000th V-Perfect welding machine sold by GRAF Synergy, celebrated with the presentation of a commemorative plaque to the first company that believed in our first seamless welding machine , the SL4FF, in 2013; finally, a record of conviviality, with so many friends, not just customers, gathered at every hour of the morning and afternoon to get together, talk about window and door technology, see extraordinary machines at work while sipping and savouring an excellent selection of Italian food and wine!

We would like to thank all the visitors who made our “technology square” at Fensterbau alive and animated, and let us not forget the many employees and colleagues who worked so hard to ensure that Europe’s most important window and door exhibition turned into a great event for GRAF Synergy!

Thank you all!

See you next edition!