End of the year with FIREWORKS!

We are very happy to share an important “Christmas Gift” that GRAF Synergy has received from WINDOW + DOOR, Official Pubblication of GlassBuild America.

The PVC seamless welder SL4FF EVO won the award as “MOST INNOVATIVE MACHINE 2023”!

The V-Perfect technology continues to reap success and recognition worldwide. This award celebrates years of R&D investments and resources of GRAF Synergy towards this superior technology. We are very proud of this!


The jury gave its verdict as follows: “Thanks to GRAF SL4FF EVO seamless welder with V-Perfect technology, all of the aforementioned processes [handling, additional cleaning machine, manual retouching] are not necessary anymore: the welder does it all. So the welded rectangle is already perfect to go into assembly, with no need for corner cleaning or operators cleaning and touch up. […] The ability of one machine to eliminate separate corner welding, corner cleaning and manual corner touch-up would be a big time and money saver.”

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