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TAG Application by GRAF Enterprise


Broken PC? Data recovery is just a click away.

Machine programmes, loaded data, customised settings and configurations are treasures for every windows and doors manufacturer.
In the event of irreparable failure of the PC, unintentional deletion of data, or a cyber attack, this asset risks being lost.
Having to recreate one's database from scratch represents a loss of time, work, and money.
Graf Synergy's Back up service, thanks to the extended functionalities of TAG Application, creates a unique infrastructure capable of backing up and protecting your customised work programmes on-board computers

How does it work?

The programme automatically and periodically saves your machine data in a protected, secure and confidential cloud area.



For its cloud services, GRAF Synergy employs international providers to ensure reliability, security and compliance with the regulations of each country in which its customers operate


In case of need, simply contact GRAF Synergy's Support Service.

You will be accompanied easily and quickly in restoring your machine with all your configurations and custom data.


High productivity with the maintenance plans of GRAF Synergy

The synergy between the manufacturing experience in the windows and doors sector and the know-how of the group's software house, GRAF Enterprise, resulted in the machine monitoring module of GRAF Synergy by TAG Application.
To ensure the maximum of performance, the technical department GRAF Synergy has developed specific maintenance plans for each machine model.
TAG Application makes the management of maintainance activities on company assets fast and effective.
The IoT module of GRAF Synergy by TAG Application, through the use of variables collected from operating machinery, enables productivity planning and supervision through the potential of Business Intellingence of the system.

How does it work?

The on-board software sends constantly on the TAG Application cloud all productive varieties of interest.


Scheduled maintenance plans use the database to automatically plan activities, entrusting them to the operator in the field.


In real time, the app for Android or iOS of TAG Application will notify the maintainer on the smartphone of the necessary activity.

The maintainer, through the use of check-list control, will share with his organisation the result of maintenance.

The managers will be able to monitor the status and efficiency of production lines.