Universal Three-Head Welding Machine

High precision machine which, in a single work cycle, allows the simultaneous welding of 90° angles and “T”, Cross or “H” transoms (in any combination between them) as well as variable angle welding between 35° and 180°.

The unit also allows the simultaneous welding of the two ends of a transom by the 90° two of the three heads.

5 Reasons to choose the SL3 UNI

Ideal for welding transoms with "T", Cross and "H" shapes.

Multiple simultaneous welding: In 2 welding cycles it is possible to create a complete window with 1 V transom.

Wide variability of weldable angle: Between 35° and 180°.

Automatic adjustment of the reference stop of the transom counter-piece.

It can be used as 2 autonomous units: One as a single head welding machine and one as a double head.


  • Length (A)

    4.000 mm
  • Width (B)

    750 mm
  • Height (C)

    2.350 mm
  • Weight

    1.200 Kg


  • Installed power

    9.3 Kw
  • Supply

    400 V
  • Air consumption per cycle

    140 Nl/min
  • Minimum Operating Pressure

    7 bar
  • Operators



  • Machined frames/8h

    Manual Operation

Weldable Profile Dimensions

  • Height

    40 ÷ 200 mm
  • Width

    40 ÷ 130 mm at 90°


3 in-line welding heads.


  • Welding at variable angle between 35° and 180°.
  • Welding 90° angles and "T", "Cross" or "H" beams (in any combination).
  • Multiple combined welding simultaneously.

Upon request the machine can be equipped with:

  • Right head extension L = 270 mm.
  • Under measure countershims, right-left horizontal/vertical clamps.
  • Additional support for profile arm (1 for each head).