1-Head CNC threshold Welding machine

1-head welding machine specially designed for welding the thresholds of English-style conservatory window systems.

The only welding machine on the market equipped with FF seamless welder technology, which allows to weld without curb the different corners that make up the conservatory window bench.

The control pc handles the following functions:

- Machine parameter setting

- Selection of profiles to be welded from imported list

- Display of the angle profile to be welded

- Manual functions

- Display of alarm or service messages

At the heart of the project is the patented V-Perfect technology, which allows PVC profiles to be processed painted or filmed, but also combined with acrylic coatings or real materials such as wood or aluminium laminates, and without having to do touch-ups with a felt-tip pen, with an aesthetically excellent weld.

5 Reasons to choose the SL FF CIL

Possibility to weld profiles coated with any type of film or foil such as anodised aluminium, painted aluminium, painted PVC, PVC coated with natural wood or acrylic.

Reduction of time and costs: After welding, there is no need for cleaning or retouching.

Labour reduction: Since no corners have to be finished, only one operator is needed to load the profiles and unload the welded parts.

Footprint reduction: Extremely compact machine.

It solves the problem of profile tolerances: equipped with a special automatic calibration system which allows to compensate the profile tolerances.


  • Length (A)

    2.000 mm
  • Width (B)

    1.000 mm
  • Height (C)

    2.150 mm
  • Weight

    1.200 Kg


  • Power installed

    9 Kw
  • Power

    400 V
  • Air consumption

    40 Nl/min
  • Min. Exercise pressure

    7 bar


SL FF CIL welding machine is equipped with:

- a system for quick setting of the welding corner and quick change of the external profile corner containment       countershim
- Bi-manual push-button and triple casing welding zone for maximum operator protection
- Double vertical plunging system for perfect position during the welding cycle
- Fume suction system generated during the welding phase
- Double side support system to support the two profiles during the work cycle

  • Operators



Up to 1 cycle/180 seconds*. *Depends on the type of profile and machining performed

DimensionsWeldable Side 

  • Maximum

    There are no limits due to the machine
  • Minimum

    320 mm

Weldable Profile Dimensions

  • Height

    30 ÷ 60 mm
  • Width

    60 ÷ 220 mm

Upon request the machine can be equipped with:

                       Machine version according to standard UL/CSA