Machining Center and Reinforcement Screwing

Unique machine of its kind, it works on Pvc profiles with the metal reinforcement already inserted.

It is a CNC system that, thanks to a fixing module that can accommodate up to 3 screwdrivers (1 standard) and various tools with independent movement, allows you to carry out the various processes - screwing the reinforcement, holes for fixing to the wall, crosswise holes and triple handle hole - in an extremely precise and accurate way.

5 Reasons to choose ASG-E

Extremely precise machining: Working on Pvc profiles with the metal reinforcement already inserted.

Control of each screwing parameter (position, screw depth, torque and screwing speed).

Possibility to install the system both in a stand alone version and in line with any Graf Synergy cutting and machining center.

Modern Brushless Screwdrivers: Speed, accuracy, quietness and low energy consumption.

Chipbreaker System: By favoring the elimination of waste, it prevents it from getting stuck, ruining the profiles thus avoiding the machine stops necessary for cleaning.


  • Length (A)

    2.400 mm
  • Width (B)

    9.300 mm
  • Height (C)

    2.000 mm
  • Weight

    1.450 Kg


  • Installed power

    5 Kw
  • Supply

    400 V
  • Air consumption per cycle

    800 Nl/min
  • Minimum Operating Pressure

    7 bar
  • Operators



  • Frames produced/8h*

    Up to 200

* Dependent on processes and type of profile used.

Automatically loadable profile dimensions

  • Length

    300 / 3.500 mm
  • Width

    40 / 130 mm
  • Height

    40 / 130 mm

Loading Module

  • Loading magazine with max. Capacity of 10 bars
  • Piece loading system with straps
  • Profile gripper moved by brushless motor and prismatic guides with position reading on centesimal magnetic strip

Unloading Module

  • Automatic extractor for cut profiles
  • Full unloading magazine with safety photocell
  • Max. unloading capacity 10/12 pieces

Screwing Module


1 vertical screwdriver operated by brushless motor.

Transversal positioning of the screwdriver on the y axis.


  • Screwing of reinforcements

Machining Module


High Speed spindles.
Independent movement in y and x axes.


  • Holes for wall fixing
  • Crosswise holes
  • Triple handle hole

Upon request the machine can be equipped with:

  • Max Dimensions Profile length automatically loaded extensible up to 6.000 mm.
  • Max Dimensions Profile height automatically loadable extensible up to 180 mm (after verification).
  • Motorized unloading table with belts and safety photocell (possibility of exit on the opposite side to  the load).
  • Up to 2 optional screwdrivers with change of distance from the first automatically adjustable.
  • Single drill to make wall fixing holes and cross hole.
  • Pair of vertical tools with misaligned and independent movement to make the inclined wall fixing holes.
  • Specific tool to make the Triple handle hole with Chipbreaker System and 2 vertical positions through revolver.
  • Tool to make hinge holes.
  • Control PC with Barcode Reader.
  • Possibility of online connection through automatic tables.