In the photo Angelo Schipani, owner of SCHIPANI Srl





Interview with Angelo Schipani, owner of SCHIPANI Srl

“We are pleased to share SCHIPANI Srl experience with GRAF Synergy. Our collaboration started in June 2023, when it was first presented to us GRAF Synergy in Crotone, Calabria. In 2023 we completed the design phases of our new internally extruded PVC shutter box. Our intention was to add value to an already widely used product, and we found GRAF Synergy’s patented V-Perfect technology to be the key element in making our product more competitive and attractive in the market. For these reasons we purchased an SL2FF-EVO two-head welding machine and an SD500-S7 mitre saw.

The strengths that made us choose GRAF over other competitors were the V-Perfect technology, which played a decisive role in our choice. Not forgetting the great professionalism and helpfulness of the team, both sales and technical, who supported us during the consultation and selection of the best product to meet our expectations.

Our flagship product, the in-house designed PVC shutter box, has received significant aesthetic improvements thanks to V-Perfect technology. This was a very important factor for us in view of the fact that it is now widely recognised as an interior design element in homes.

The installation of the GRAF Synergy machines did not give any compatibility problems with other machines in the company, thus allowing the continuity of production in the plant and other processes.

GRAF Synergy’s technicians were very helpful, supporting us in pre-sales and especially in after-sales, during the testing of the machines at our headquarters.

During the training period, GRAF technicians prepared and trained our operators, enabling a smooth, fast and effective start of production.

We are very enthusiastic about making our debut in the PVC sector with a product totally designed and manufactured by us: having realised the advantage of being able to do this by exploiting the technical and media boost of V-Perfect technology is a source of satisfaction and pride for us.

Summing up, we express our full appreciation for the cooperation with GRAF Synergy, and look forward to our future together.”