GRAF Synergy at BUDMA, Poland

GRAF Synergy inaugurates the new season of international fairs by participating in the 2023 edition of BUDMA, the International Building and Architecture Fair among the most important in Europe for manufacturers and distributors of modern technologies, architects, entrepreneurs, and investors.

As per tradition, in odd years BUDMA will also be accompanied by WINDOOR-TECH, the machine tool fair and components for the production of windows, doors, gates and facades.

What will we show you at the fair? We are off to a great start this year: many of our jewels will be at your disposal, including the “SL6FF EVO RS” 6-head welding machine, the CNC bench for drilling and automatic assembly of hinges on “HDMV” frames, our automatic robot markers assembly unit “RMA”, the “FabCut RS” CNC cutting and machining center for very high levels of productivity, the “DYNU” dynamic table, the “ESU” reinforcement screwing bridge, and the drilling fixing wall bridge “EDU”.

With an assortment of this kind, we can truly say: finally we start again!

We are more than ready: we are waiting for you!