11 years ago, we were few to believe it, but we, as visionaries and pioneers, persevered.

The challenge appeared ambitious from the outset: to create a PVC window machine whose technology would redefine the innovation of fixtures: welding a perfect PVC corner, without burrs, without bead, and all this without the need for cleaning or finishing. We could even eliminate a machine from the production process!


The result of countless hours of work, enormous efforts, and unparalleled commitment on all fronts, from design to assembly, through trials and tests, we reached that seemingly unattainable goal 11 years ago. The window industry looked at us with suspicion and condescension, considering us, at best, ignorant. Today, we are thrilled to announce that the 1000th seamless welder by GRAF Synergy is a reality! The flawless corner without retouching is possible.

1000 seamless welders currently work daily and weld PVC profiles of all kinds without welding bead, bringing our patented V-Perfect technology worldwide.

The first seamless welder, the SL4FF, was delivered on March 15, 2013, to Infistil in Tavullia (PU), a company that, like us, bet on technological innovation and high-level production. Today we can say with certainty, with the proof of 1000 welders: bet won!

The V-Perfect technology has truly redefined the standard of PVC windows, generating a positive driving force for the entire window industry. Previously, despite its technical performance being equal to or better than other materials currently in use, PVC windows were considered unaesthetic and poorly appreciated: a low-level window.

With the advent of GRAF Synergy welders, the reputation of PVC is elevated to the high end: the result is a quality that had nothing to envy to wood or aluminum. It was no longer necessary to choose between aesthetic quality and technical performance: with GRAF Synergy seamless welders, it became possible to have both!

From that distant 2013 to today, every day has been a day of experience, development, and technical knowledge. Research and evolution have never stopped. Machine No. 1000 represents a milestone in our research and development in the window industry. In addition to its complexity and difficulty of realization, this technological wonder offers unparalleled performance in aesthetics and robustness, and unparalleled versatility in processing all types of PVC profiles.

Welder No. 1000 was delivered in Spain at the beginning of 2024, confirming our commitment to providing global excellence.

Today, several manufacturers are trying to match our technology. But over 10 years of experience in seamless welding, over 1000 machines delivered and active, over 75,000 corners welded every day with V-Perfect technology are unparalleled, representing a unique and irreplaceable guarantee of safety and success. 1000 seamless welders make the difference. Achieved by no other manufacturer.

With pleasure and pride, we want to share this achievement: join us towards a future of continuous innovation, superior productivity, and enduring collaborations.

GRAF Synergy: Experience from the past, excellence in the present, inspiration for the future of the window industry.