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Brand: GRAF Synergy

Year: 2011

Revision and Testing: Operating

Warranty: No

Graf Synergy On consignment

Description: Automatic Cleaner - Mod. WP BF4

Flat surfaces weld beads cleaning by means of pneumatic grooved knives
Frame profiles recognition system
Milling head corner external side cleaning
2 vertical knives corner internal side cleaning
External corner 4 cutters assembly preset
Enable and disable of each operation
Automatic operating cycle start-up by placing the workpiece into the machine
Profile height automatic clamps setting
Axial and vertical motion on ball bearings and ground-hardened ways, without wear
All motions speeds setting
Top and bottom flat surfaces cleaning knives
Top and bottom seal channels drills
Pair of profile supporting arms
Filter/reducer lubricator unit for pneumatic system
No. 4 cutter sleeves
Cutters adjustment SSC spacers kit
6 m hose air gun
1 litre oil-can for pneumatic system lubrication

  • Length

    1.800 mm
  • Width

    1.100 mm
  • Height

    1.750 mm
  • Weight

    650 Kg
  • Supply

    400 V
  • Installed power

    1.2 kW
  • Air consumption per cycle

    110 Nl/min.
  • Blade dimensions