Single head cutting-off machine for Glazing bead cutting

Single-head cutting-off machine with pneumatic advancement of the blade for cutting the Pvc glazing beads

Provided with a 45° fixed inclination cutting trolley, the GS 225 A is equipped with a cutting set consisting of 2 main blades of Ø 225 mm and 2 secondary blades of Ø 103 mm suitable for trimming the ends of the fixing pin of the glazing bead .

The unit is built to simultaneously cut 2 pieces of the same length.

5 Reasons to choose GS 225 A

Pneumatic advancement of cutting.

Simultaneous cut of 2 pieces.

Cutting set of 4 blades.

Equipped with pneumatic vertical vices.

High reliability over time.


  • Length (A)

    1.200 mm
  • Width (B)

    700 mm
  • Height (C)

    1.300 mm
  • Weight

    190 Kg


  • Installed power

    1.2 Kw
  • Supply

    400 V
  • Air consumption per cycle

    60 Nl/min
  • Minimum Operating Pressure

    7 bar
  • Operators



  • Frames worked/8h

    Manual Operation

Dimension of the workable Glazing

  • Minimum

    25 mm
  • Maximum

    Depending on the system determination of the combined cutting length


2 Principal blades Ø 225 mm.
2 Secondary blades Ø 103 mm.


  • Cutting of glazing beads in Pvc.

On request the machine can be equipped with:

  • Simulator of the glass presence.
  • Gauge of measurement from 2.000 or 3.000 mm.
  • Lateral support for caliber.
  • Drawing countershims (couple).
  • Specific suction for glazing bead.
  • Roller conveyor loading side of the bar.