CNC Cutting and Working center for Reinforcement

Plasma + Cut combined

Innovative cutting and work center that combines blade cutting with plasma technology designed to carry out all the necessary work - slots, holes and cut-outs - and cutting on metal reinforcements.

A unique, intuitive and easy-to-use system is designed to significantly reduce execution times and equipped with a modern production list management software that allows you to automatically import cutting lists and synchronize production when it is online with the cutting and work centers of Graf Synergy.

5 Reasons to choose Fab Cut Plasma

Unique machine of its kind, equipped with extremely innovative technology.

Reduction of time execution: Makes cutting of reinforcements efficient.

Allows operation in synchrony with the cutting of Pvc profiles.

Automatic optimzation of cutting.

Electronic control of blade usury.


  • Length (A)

    14.525 mm
  • Width (B)

    3.400 mm
  • Height (C)

    2.800 mm
  • Weight

    2.850 Kg


  • Installed power

    13 Kw
  • Supply

    400 V
  • Air consumption per cycle

    1.200 Nl/min
  • Minimum Operating Pressure

    7 bar
  • Operators



  • Windows at 1 sash/8h*

    Up to 240

* Depending on the section and type of metal to be cut.

Automatically loadable profile dimensions

  • Length

    700 ÷ 6.500 mm

Workable profil dimensions

  • Width - max

    80 mm
  • Width - min

    20 mm
  • Height - max

    60 mm
  • Height - min

    20 mm

Loading Module

  • Loading warehouse with max. capacity 9 bars.
  • Loading bar system with rack pusher.

Unloading Module

  • Automatic extraction and unloading of cut pieces by pneumatic extractor.
  • Unloading table with belts with safety photocell.
  • Max. unloading capacity 10 pieces.

Machining Module  


4-axis rotation plasma structure controlled by CNC


  • All the preps required on metal reinforcements

Cutting Module


1 Blade max 350 mm with very high precision over time.

Descending movement


  • Cut 90°

On request the machine can be equipped with:

  • Automatic unloading table - Width 5.000 mm.
  • Vices locking with controlled axes.
  • Descent blade with controlled axis.
  • Blade rotation motor managed by an electronic inverter to control power consumption
  • Automatic extraction and unloading of cut pieces with a second dedicated gripper on a controlled axis.
  • Positioning of the unloaded profiles on a steel carpet.
  • Preps module via Plasma unit.

Available Versions
Installation with only blade cutting.

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