It’s GRAF SYNERGY – the largest automated production line for windows in Asia.

A milestone, GRAF Synergy’s ultimate calling card for the Asian world: the installation of the largest automated production line for windows in Asia has finally been completed!

GRAF Synergy has supplied Jinheung Window Co. Ltd. with the technology, machines and automation for the construction of a record-breaking production plant for windows, hitherto unseen in Asia on such a large scale. There are no less than 17 elements that make up the production line made in GRAF Synergy for Jinheung Window Co. Ltd.

These include: 2 lines of SL4-FF EVO-RS welding machines, the welding machine stemming from the V-Perfect patent with which GRAF has earned its worldwide reputation; the Plasma Cut cutting and machining center, which combines blade cutting with plasma technology, controlled by a sophisticated 4-axis CNC system which reduces times and minimizes errors; an assembly and testing table that facilitates the assembly and inspection of the window system (frame and sash combination) and the installation of the glazing bead; to fully exploit the potential of the line, GRAF Synergy has created all the process and production logistics to control the processing sequences and speeds as well as rationalize the work environment through the automation of the entire process.

It is a complete high-performance line, from the PVC profile to the aesthetically perfect window, bringing the benefits of automated logistics and aesthetics, typical of the renowned GRAF Synergy technology, to the Asian area.

Thanks also to the special professional training of the operators held at the GRAF Synergy facilities in Italy, Jinheung Window expects productivity to increase about tenfold compared to the past, with an unparalleled aesthetic quality.

It is an outstanding result of which we are very proud.

Many thanks to Melchers Korea for their outstanding support.

Three cheers for GRAF Synergy, Three cheers for Jinheung Window Co. Ltd.!