Graf Synergy and PROMAC at FIT Show 17

Graf Synergy after 2 years from the previous edition show up to the FIT SHOW 17 with his historical partner PROMAC UK!

Strong of an important new in the welding sector without seam with FF products we have realised the SLS dedicated only to the requests of the English market finding from the beginning very positive requests of selling.

But we explain which is the new born SLS in Graf Synergy!

It is a welder with one head with FF/EVO technology at variable corner between 90° and 180°. It is used to weld profiles with maximum dimension length 230 mm and highness 70 mm. It is used for the welding of the thresholds of the windows systems conservatory English style and it is equipped of a rapid setting system of the welding corner and of rapid change of the countershim of containing profile external corner.

No cleaning of the profile is required when the welding is finished, the profile is finished and ready to use!

Thanks to all the collaborators and the persons who has worked hard to the FIT SHOW 17 project and for the excellent results!